The blockchain technology for a Smart Wallet


Decentralized System

Unix Coin is Decentralized systems are commonly associated with blockchain technology, which enables peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries. UNIX COIN operate on decentralized networks where transactions are verified by a distributed network of nodes


Smart Wallet UNIX

UNIX smart wallet on the blockchain refers to a digital wallet application that is built on or integrated with a blockchain network. These wallets leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology to provide secure storage, management, and transacting of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokens.


You can swap Unix anytime

If you have a cryptocurrency or token that is supported on UNIX decentralized exchange platforms (DEXs), you can typically swap or trade it for other cryptocurrencies or tokens at any time when the markets are open.

Slippage Tolerance Auto

Latest Technology

BEP-20 is a token standard on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is a blockchain network that runs in parallel with the Binance Chain.

Security Enhancements

With the growing adoption of BEP-20 tokens, ensuring the security of UNIX COIN that govern them is crucial. Audits, formal verification techniques, and other security enhancements are continuously being developed and implemented to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits.

Smart wallet

Depending on the specific implementation, UNIX smart wallets on the blockchain may offer additional features such as staking, decentralized finance (DeFi) integrations, token swaps, and more, providing users with added utility and functionality beyond basic asset management.

Multi-asset Support

UNIX smart wallets will be support a wide range of digital assets, including various cryptocurrencies and tokens issued on the respective blockchain network. This enables users to manage different types of assets within a single wallet interface.

Ultimate Features

UNIX Smart wallet provide you best services

Beyond basic asset management, UNIX smart wallets offer additional features such as staking, token swapping, portfolio tracking, and integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.


Unix Coin supply and blockchain information

Coin Information
Token Name : UNIX
Network : Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
Token Ticker : unix
Max Supply : 12,500 unix
Coin Allocation
5% : Fee Listing CEX
5% : Promotion
10% : Development
80% : Public Sale
Blockchain Information
Token Contract : 0xFF54afb5a79f4AD11f8a3726cb98E4728b7b5E1F
Decimals : 18
Smart Contract Type : BEP-20

Wallet Coming Soon on play store & App store

As the UNIX Smart Wallet app becomes available for download, you can explore its features, provide feedback to the development team, and enjoy the convenience of securely managing your digital assets on UNIX Smart Wallet. Keep an eye out for the official release announcement on the Play Store and the App Store!